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Believing in yourself, making mistakes, growing... evolving... knowing when to say when. No one, not even me, can be a jackass whisper. How to be someone's blue crayon, ya know — the one you never have enough of, the one used to color skies. Only getting one life... so make it the biggest design project you will ever create.

Everything... I am constantly learning new things in this "life project" of mine.

"Great minds think alike, but fools seldom differ." — Kasyoka Mwanzia // "Whatever you do in this life Junie, don't just be good, be great." — Mark Fairbanks // "It ain't no pie•an•o" — Steven Wold // "These are jewels baby, write 'em down." — Steven Marsho

There isn't anyone I don't admire. Everyone has a story. Everyone has a battle you know nothing about. Admire them for that.

Sunshine mixed with a little hurricane. That and traveling. Kent Nurburn taught me... "Give yourself up to the unknown. It doesn't have to be on a vast, dreamlike arctic plain. It can be on a gentle stroll through a Wisconsin forest or on a street corner of Nairobi. What matters is that you leave the comfort of your familiarity and open yourself up to a world totally apart from your own."

Whadda ya mean, this is my backup career.

These days, I feel like I don't remember much. Ha! No, I remember the tiniest details. What color you wore today, the name of your great aunt, your ascent to the top of mount Everest.

Silence. It's amazing what you see when you stop for a second.

Come on now, can one really have only one favorite animated gif?