I'm a multimedia artist rooted in theatre, and my passion is building community through collaborative productions and events that entertain, teach, and heal audiences.

I know a lot about theatre and the arts in general. I know a lot about Chicago and some stuff about Kentucky as those are the places I've lived longest.

I need help with saying no! Ha! But I also need more help with the business side of things as I continue to work for myself more and more.

Take yourself out of your comfort zone in order to grow.

I admire my loved ones because I know the challenges they face at home, at work, and in society, and yet they find ways to overcome them everyday. Then they still find the time to listen to me complain!

My superpower is staying polite and calm in adverse situations. This same attitude helps me persuade people. I can also do the wave with my eyebrows, and I think that's pretty super! Ha!

My backup career is the administrative work I'm doing now in the nonprofit sector. However, I keep pushing toward my main focus of producing theatre and the arts full time.

I remember December birthdays from years back because my birthday is also in December. I remember appointments in my calendar fairly easily, however, I always immediately input them into my phone calendar just in case.

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