Miami Beach Native. You read that right!

Horror movies. Online thrift shops. How to incorporate fruits and vegetables in every meal. Locations for the best natural springs in Florida. Good music (and by good...I mean the best you've ever heard). Where to spend your free time on a budget. How to enjoy your time spent with... yourself

In order to be well-rounded, I need friends with specialized talents. Do you speak 5 languages? You can play the violin? You enjoy having dance battles with your friends every other Saturday? Awesome... I need your help...for no particular reason at all. I just want to get to know you.

Only pansies don't eat food after it falls on the floor.

Dr. Jane Goodall. She made one of the most important scientific observations of modern times in Gombe. It's simple: she opened our minds and welcomed us into this dreamlike reality (oh the irony of that) where other creatures besides humans, made tools, showed affection, and developed personalities. All living creatures are connected. Read her timeless classic book "In the shadow of man". You will not be disappointed.

I can do anything and everything with the right song playing in the background. Now I just need a catchy superhero name...

Being a Princess at Disney World seems promising.

Your Name. Your Birthday. Your Face. Your Smell. (Creepy is in right now). & Song Lyrics. Although, I can assure you it takes all of my effort to locate where I park my car each day.

How to "let go" in front of complete strangers; not worried about being judged. Challenge them to a friendly dance battle or dare them to give a flower to the opposite sex. To most, these genuine & kind gestures are new to them or worst, they are forgotten. If you were to do this with 1 stranger for 5 minutes each day... Imagine that

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