Change is the only constant... and MAN has my life been changing over the last 5 years. Losses, gains, more losses and still a positive attitude. Moving to a new chapter in my life - becoming a self employed artisan and owner of craft workshop business. Brushing off my "hustle" to make it a success! Currently offering silk marbling workshop and it's by far the most amazing, fun, gorgeous, zen-like art I've done! Wanna' experience it? Contact me to find out more.

Using both my left and right brain... I'm very logical, methodical, organized and analytical as well as super creative and artistic! Best of both worlds

Understanding how to best ensure success as a self-employed artist

As a leader, you don't need to know everything. You need to be smart enough to surround yourself with smart people, then listen to them.

My parents... the older I get, the more impressed I become with who they were. My Dad was quiet, steady and one of the smartest people I've ever known. He was also super creative (wrote the best poems ever) as well as had a masters in mathematics from Cal Berkeley (I guess I know how my right and left brain abilities came about). My Mom was the kindest person you could meet. She liked everyone and made a point to befriend the underdog and the people no one else liked. You couldn't help but feel loved around her.

Kindness, always...


Where stuff is... I'm the one that gets asked... "do you know where XXXX is" and I usually do know!

How to tie an amazing gift bow... no really, ANYONE can do it!

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