So far, life has been generally fascinating. I'm about to launch app to revitalize the live entertainment scene in Boston - Gig City (ask me about beta!). For fun, I help highly-driven friends realize their wild ideas. I used to produce DAYBREAKER events – those awesome morning yoga + dance parties you may have heard word about on the streets. #DBFAMFORLYFE


Managing my first web app creation project.

Make sure whatever you are doing is a "F@*% Yeah!" If not, don't do it.

Master Yoda - He is tiny, mighty, peaceful, and wise.

I smile when angered.

Resident jazz singer in Shanghai nightclub

That we are all spinning on a giant wet ball, orbiting around another giant fiery ball, hurdling through endless vastness...all the time.

How to map out any project-related existential crisis on a whiteboard and make them feel empowered to solve it.