I am a Fashion, Portrait and Fine Art Photographer and Director working mainly for the Advertising, Editorial and Luxury Markets. I am also the Founder of The Miami Visual Collective and Instructor (Advanced Photography and Lighting Workshops) at the Miami Ad School and Miami Institute of Photography. I also run private, one on one Workshops. Team Member ( Photographer) for the CM's Miami Chapter. I practice Taichi, Reiki and Meditation, and love Science Fiction! And pls, don't forget to check my ever-changing website at www.JorgeParraPhotography.com and my IG account @JorgeParraPhotography. You can find out more about me in the latest interview ( January 2020) in Voyage Magazine Miami in the link http://voyagemia.com/interview/meet-jorge-parra-jorge-parra-photography-north-miami/

Image visualization, creative direction and production, both stills and motion and how to have fun working!

Graphic Design, Web Design, Film Editing.

That's easy: "Don't listen...!"

Stanislaw Lem and Phillip K Dick, two "true" science fiction writers, as they seem to have traveled into the future, and returned to just tell us how it will be like. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for the Buddhist Monks, as they live a more disciplined life than any military will ever have.

It's actually Two Superpowers!! I always work with the thrill, passion and excitement of the very first time and I make people look wonderful in my images

Backup career? I am a visual creator and educator all the way!

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Basic Meditation. How to enjoy present-time awareness and embrace emptiness. Then life and creative solutions will show up by themselves.

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