Fiber Artist. Former installation artist. Lifetime merchandiser of objects. Thrift store addict. Lover of mid-century design. Maker of things. Artist. Wife. Mom.

Mid-century design, Robert Rauschenberg, art-making, small town life, and most late 90's alt-country bands.

Facing fear and uncertainty.

When I quit my first real job out of college my dad told me this nugget of wisdom: "I've quit some jobs and some jobs have quit me." Truer words were never spoken.

My mother, who I lost to brain cancer. She woke up every day for years after receiving a very grim diagnosis of only living a few months. She was incredibly tenacious, especially during those years.

Freehand cutting with scissors.

Thrift store personal shopper.

All the life advice I learned from watching Seinfeld.

How to make a yarn pom-pom. It's a pretty legit skill to have.

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