Currently Design Director, experienced in running several programs concurrently at a private-label clothing company for three years. Scholarship’d and award winning SAIC BFA graduate with Graphic design certificate. Skills include but are not limited to full design control, quality control design specifications, vendor management, and overall voice of brand marketing. Extremely efficient and organized in design processes, especially under high stress and fast paced environments. Skilled in applying conceptual thought and purpose to work in all mediums. Expertise lies in upholding design integrity and quality of product by critical thinking and editing. Fluent in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

My background is in Fashion Design and Fashion Illustration. My inspiration typically comes from design based in the Fashion Industry.

Keeping connected in the community and spending time outside of work getting new inspiration.

"A wise man knows when he doesn't know"....Or woman.

I admire my teachers. I find their backgrounds and stories infinitely interesting. I tend to forget they have lives outside of teaching. The really great teachers I've had, that go the extra mile outside of class, really impress me with how much they truly care.

Organization and Labeling

Fashion Design

How to draw and Illustrate, even outside of digital mediums.

How to dress for their body type...?

Too many favorites to pick one.

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