I am a Fashion, Portrait and Fine Art Photographer and Director for the Advertising and Luxury Markets. I am also the Founder of The Miami Visual Collective and Instructor (Advanced Photography and Lighting Workshops) at the Miami Ad School. I also run private Workshops. Volunteer shooter for the CM's Miami Chapter. I practice Taichi, Reiki and Meditation, and love Science Fiction! And pls, don't forget to check my ever changing website at www.JorgeParraPhotography.com

Image visualization, creative direction and production, both stills and motion and how to have fun working!

Graphic Design, Web Design, Film Editing.

That's easy: "Don't listen...!"

Stanislaw Lem and Phillip K Dick, two "true" science fiction writers, as they seem to have traveled into the future, and returned to just tell us how it will be like. I have a great deal of respect and admiration for the Buddhist Monks, as they live a more disciplined life than any military will ever have.

It's actually Two Superpowers!! I always work with the thrill, passion and excitement of the very first time and I make people look wonderful in my images

Backup career? I am a visual creator and educator all the way!

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Basic Meditation. How to enjoy present-time awareness and embrace emptiness. Then life and creative solutions will show up by themselves.

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