Briefly, I'm a textile artist and entrepreneur. I work in the field of interior design and fabrication as well as running a specialty co-working space for sewing based businesses. I really enjoy making site-specific, interactive works (unique furniture or other art) for museums and businessess. Here's a video about my newest project, The CoSew:

color, textiles, sculpture, interior design, sewing, green (chemical free) upholstery, curtain making, entrepreneurship, community building, event planning.


Just keep swimming.

Natalie Chanin, for her revolutionary business model for sustainable fashion manufactured in the USA, her vision, talent and community building ability. (

I can make almost any tangible thing that is traditionally hand-made.

Extreme cake decorating or appliance repairwoman, not sure. Maybe both.

Trivia, usually. Semi-useless facts.

a bit of trigger point therapy and ergonomics for self-care of one's hands and arms.

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