I am a storyteller who uses images and sound to create experiences. I am a visual strategist who comes up with ways for organizations to use what my team and I capture to communicate who they are and why they matter. I started Mixed Bag Media, in Atlanta, GA (where the home office remains), but have recently moved to Walnut Creek, CA to open the West Coast branch. I'm happily married with a houseful of pets, funky decorative stuff, thousands of records and a long to-do list.

Video production, Rock'n'Roll, fun & funky antiques

Slowing down

Don't stop. Keep going. Continue to make it happen.

The first two that come to mind are Richard Branson and Elon Musk because they are innovators who take risks, obviously work very hard and smile a lot.


Furniture Mover - we're always rearranging and moving furniture for video shoots and then have to put it back like we've never been there. I can load, unload and move heavy objects.

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