Agilist at heart. Psychology enthusiast. Dancing junkie.

I know a lot about various Agile framework suchs as Scrum and Kanban and how they can be implemented to help organizations achieve their desired outcomes. I'm deeply interested in human behaviour which is the foundation for change

Imposter syndrome.

Whether it's a pleasant or unpleasant moment. take a breath, it'll pass.

There are so many inspirational individuals that i'm not able to say one but a few of my current admirors are 1) Maria Konnikova, a writer and psychologist turned professional poker player. 2) Brene Brown, a story teller and a shame researcher 3) Shane Parrish, a podcast host and coach for decision making and mental models. I admire each for various reasons but mostly they are genuine individuals who loves to share their craft.

iterating on myself while seeking for less external validation every day.

Dancer and a life coach

psychology ideas and concepts

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