Originally from Syracuse, New York (A.K.A) the "real NY". I moved to Gôteborg in 2010 for my hero and have not looked back since. A brief on my career, maybe its just easier if you check out my diverse and semi-filled LinkedIn profile: https://se.linkedin.com/in/josephscaramuzzino and then I would like to have a coffee with you!

Absolutely nothing, except for breathing.. But even that is up for question.

Making friends.

When starting all over in new environment, learn what makes the people around you genuinely smile and laugh.

A bit of a cliché, but my kids remind me everyday what it means to forgive and to be grateful.

Father of 3, partner, house owner, student of feminism


How to get home wherever I am in the world.

Nothing new but just a reminder of a few things I needed reminding of. The engineering side would say "You don't need a grid in order to be comfortable." The SCUBA Diver side would say "Just breathe and keep your eyes open. However, its ok to blink when necessary." The police side would say "Someone is most likely asking for help. Be patient, so you can listen and comprehend what they are saying." The soldier side would say "Stand by".

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