I am a Creative Director with over 18 years experience from small boutique to larger creative agencies and in-house. Originally from Brisbane, Australia, I now live in New York City. I’m an inspiring leader, a builder and a storyteller. I define the way brands work by laying down a solid and scalable foundation for growth. I challenge those around me to constantly evolve and improve even when it feels uncomfortable. I’m a curious leader who is willing to go out on a limb and take risks to create something new. I’m fueled by strategy, learnings, data and insights, transforming them into beautiful, memorable and impactful pieces of communication. My least favorite word is NO.

Women in leadership roles. The more I progress in my career the more appreciation I have for the efforts of those women before me.

Keeping indoor plants alive!

To be an artist and showcase my work in galleries all over the world. Maybe this shouldn't just be my back-up!

Peoples faces. Which can sometimes be frustrating when you can't remember their name!

How to compose and color correct a photo on your iphone.

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