I’m a Registered Nurse and teach in the undergraduate program at MRU. I am interested in the ways that arts, humanities and engaging in creative processes can enhance the education of health care professionals. I support meaningful participation of patients and families in working to reduce barriers and upend harmful hierachies embedded in the health care system. I’m interested in listening to stories - ones that challenge and inspire me. I paint as a way to express my creativity and curiosity.

The practice of nursing, undergraduate nursing education and curriculum. I’m good at connecting people with each other re: mutual professional interests.

To trust my instincts

The artists in our society who through their written or spoken words, images (2D, 3D, film), dramatic or musical performances add immeasurable texture to the world. I am my most empathetic/ thoughtful self when when immersed in an artistic experience.

Naming ideas especially using acronyms

Relatively useless information such as my childhood phone #, names of the 7 dwarves, the theme songs to Gilligan’s Island and the Brady Bunch and some useful info. too...

Going w/ the flow using alcohol ink to create a vibrant image.

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