community manager at The Frontier in RTP | building a tiny house | working on starting a triangle connectors group for folks who like to get shit done | licensed elementary school teacher | ENFP | rock climber | white water rafter | hablo espanol | attempting to learn ancient hebrew currently

convening people | community building | knowledge acquisition and assessment (teaching) | immigration issues | directions | operations | making manhattans | gardening

how to have it all | balance | patience

if you want something bad enough, you'll figure out a way. -seth crawford

mom - full of wisdom, she's kind to herself and doesn't apologize for it, knows her values and doesn't get distracted by things that aren't aligned with her values

teleportation - not trying to add to the traffic on the road.

teaching in a formal capacity

the quadratic formula | prayer of confession from BCP | road directions

i would attempt to teach someone to stop glorifying busyness - so i maybe wouldn't try to teach someone something necessarily.

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