Andre Lett aka D.R.E.S tha BEATnik is a musician, artist, actor, Hip Hop Ambassador and Atlanta Icon. Born in Philadelphia, he moved to Atlanta to attend Clark University and holds a Bachelor of Arts from Temple University in Marketing.

D.R.E.S is a well-respected and talented artist that has been honored for his craft. His talent as a Beatbox artist won him the title of Amateur World Beatbox Champions in 2000. Voted ‘Best Vocalist’ in 2002 in Creative Loafing. As a professional master of ceremonies or event HOST, the Creative loafing in 2015 voted him 'Best ATL Hip-Hop event host.

The Roles or Responsibility of an Artist is to advance civilization, to that end the U.S. Department of State appointed him a Cultural Liaison to the People’s Republic of China. He currently sits on the A3C Programing Board, and continues to be active in moving the Art and Culture of Hip Hop past their roots.