Jess Reftel Evans is one half of the photographic collaboration amorfo. Jess shares this partnership with her husband Martin Reftel. They enjoy working together since they find that their collaboration allows them to draw on each other's strengths, enhancing their work both creatively and aesthetically. Australian born Jess loves to tell stories with her images, whether they are of made up scenes or capturing someone's story in a portrait or feature. For Jess it is the balance of detail within the broader picture that makes an image truly wonderful. Prior to photography she worked in the costume departments on numerous films and TV productions in Sydney, most notably Star Wars, The Matrix and Farscape. This experience has given her an exceptional understanding of visual production, fashion and design. Swedish born Martin has a broad spectrum to his photography. Be it still life or portraiture − he loves anything with beautiful light. Waiting for the right time of day, observing the sun or creating it himself is what makes an ordinary scene extraordinary. His first foray was in IT, which left him well prepared for the digital world that photography has moved into. After studying photography at RMIT in Melbourne, Jess and Martin moved to London. First to assist some of London's best photographers. Then having the pleasure and honour to work, in their own right, with the most wonderful array of people and portraiture subjects, photographing commissions for editorial and commercial clients both in the UK and Sweden. Now after almost 8 years they are back in Australia, basing themselves in Melbourne to carry on doing what they love, capturing the world.

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