Writer, community builder & creator. Author of 360 Living, occasional yoga teacher, do-er of any other projects that capture my heart.

monetizing a book and digital toolkit.

know the difference between happiness and satisfaction. Happiness often tends to be reaching for more/better, whereas satisfaction is being content with where you are.

Richard Branson is among the top people I've discovered...his drive for accomplishment, combined with a desire to change the world for the better, is inspiring and motivating.

Serial learning. I'm a liminal through and through, constantly diving into new projects.

Teach yoga, freelance write, and travel the world while housesitting. Again.

The names of all U.S. presidents, thanks to a song I learned in high school. Some of them, however, I prefer not to mention. Kind of like with Lord Voldemort.

The basic principles of mindfulness meditation (letting thoughts go, focusing on breath). THIS will change your life.

This one, because it depicts one of my favorite activities, in some of my favorite spots around Paris: https://gph.is/2JWCWxa.