Digital Designer with a passion for creativity and front end design. Studied at Halmsatd University as Web designer but didn't want to limit myself to only build websites and started studdy at YRGO in Gothenburg to become a Digital Designer. Working with front end coding, photo manipulations, 2D animations, Movie editing, app design, etc. Every Creators dream! Swedish may be my main language, but english is the language of business.

Photoshop, character creations, history, front end web design, theoretical programming

back-end programming, shading, spelling

While brainstorming, write down all your ideas on post-its, other wise you might lose some to the void.

Writer of Fiction

anything I can cluster into shapes

If you fail something, you can always try again (one way or other), and if you don't want to go though the necessary steps, you need to ask yourself: Is this what I want?

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