Well, I'm a Life Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Mentor, Poet, World Cleaner, Speaker and Global Citizen. I'm originally from Liverpool (UK) and I voted to Remain in the EU so when the UK voted for Brexit, I exited.......since finding myself in Estonia with 'Teeme Ära' / Let's Do It World / World Cleanup Day.......I've fallen in love with Estonia and in love with a real Estonian Forest Elf Queen. Life's good.

Learning, development and personal growth.

Learning, development and personal growth - don't we all?!

"Enough is plenty!"

My partner, for her strength of character, her unwaveringly high standards, her tenacity, courage and massive heart - and for pushing my boundaries - she always wants me to be the best possible version of myself and, as well as pushing, she still holds my hand and pulls me through the darkest, scariest journeys. She has helped me learn the true meaning of love.

Soul reading.

Intergalactic Ninja Poet.

Lines from Monty Python sketches and films :)

I don't teach - but if I had the opportunity to work with someone to learn anything in just five minutes, I'd help them to learn how they can be kinder and more loving to themselves, so that kindness and love come back to them through others too.


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