I’m not sure I know a lot about anything, I’m always curious to learn more.

Organization skills

A broken clock is always right atleast once a day. Not sure it’s “ the best advice I’d been given “ but it’s one that sticks out at the moment.

My very good friend who I randomly met on the streets of our old neighborhood. She is crazy organized, funny, humble, good at everything, and still is humble, smart, kind, loving, motivated, a great mom and friend. I’m lucky to have her always in my corner. She keeps me grounded when I think I’m going to float away.

I’m not sure what my secret superpower would be. BUT I do know all the words to “I need love” by LL Cool J and I will bet you money I can beat you at air hockey !

Well I’m still trying to develop this one. So I’ll keep focusing on that.

I already told you that. “ I need love” by LL COOL J

Why do I feel like I’m being timed to answer quickly! Lol Well all that comes to mind funny enough is a quick dinner recipe I make. Kale Pesto sauce with pasta. It’s great! Let me know if you want the recipe.

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