Jhyesah Coulter is a Kansas City based artist that has an eclectic aesthetic. Her design reflects many connections to her childhood memories, as she had a slight obsession to The Gorillaz, Tech Decks, Sk8 Logos, & Nintendo 64’s “Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2”. Her memories have had a tremendous impact on her work and in turn, have heavily developed a sense of nostalgic inspired works throughout her graphic design career.

Jhyesah’s design and photography techniques directly connect to her childhood obsessions. Her creative process can be very scatter-brained with a hint of a quirky vibrancy. The color palettes she displays are well thought out and although some of her designs are client based works, she works hard to communicate what they represent and more importantly what they want. She has a knack for listening and demonstrating a respect for her clients and partners. Her use of bold typefaces captures an extremely powerful and thought provoking design element that give her that authentic individuality.

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