I do graphic design and holistic visual communication for big dreamers. I specialise in print and visual identity with a clean scandinavian vibe and a story to tell. I am equally passionate about typography, books, packaging, building strange things, urban gardening and concept art.. I just really like to make things.

What inspires me: Obstacles and boundaries — Texture and surfaces — Movement — Reflexion — Abstract photography — Public transport — Contrast and clashes — Conceptual ideas — Finding new music — Storytelling

I also like: Plants — Disco balls — Public transport — Staying up late — Lists — Popcorn — The word "pool" — Pens that feels nice to write with. I like most people. Maybe not you. But probably you.

researching typography, swedish underground graphic novels, getting cheap bus tickets, solving problems, repairing stuff

getting more interesting collaborations, learning new crafs

I make really great popcorn.

Gardener. Or some sort of organiser of cultural events, like film festivals.

The capital of Albania. I memorised all European capitals alphabetically by country when I was a kid.


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