Soy Jess, productora intergaláctica. Peco de aleatoria así como sufro por espontánea. No me dan miedo los spoilers de ningún tipo. Mi plan b es ser guía de turistas, mientras tanto escribo algunos textos. Vivo enamorada de dos cosas: Latinoamérica y escribir.

I'm Jess, an intergalactic producer. I live sinning of randomness and suffering from spontaneous. I’m not scared of any kind of movie or tv spoilers. My plan b is being a tourist guide, meanwhile, I'm doing some copies. I’m deeply in love with two things: Latinamerica and writing.

I know always where to eat :) Also I know about content creation, advertising, Woody Allen, digital marketing, global news, and Latinamerica.

Designing all the amazing stuff that often comes to my mind

Jessica Walsh. She is so colorful!

To say random things that will make you look at me like a total weird (and cute) girl

Intergalactic producer and tourists guide.

To write everything that I will forget

Move their hips with the rhythm of music :P

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