I'm a passionate community builder who enjoys working in close-knit teams with coworkers who believe in the work they are doing. I love connecting people to artists and cultural programming and have done so for the last 7+ years. I'm also a performance artist.

Communications, Marketing, Social Media and Audience Engagement/Activation. I also have Design Skills and a Certificate in Graphic Communications.

Branching out! I'm trying to set up my next career move and am accepting advice, constructive criticism and opportunities to apply in hopes for a job offer (or two).

You have all the time you need -- Teva Harrison

I admire my friends -- their amazing ability to be receptive and supportive -- to be that unseen network that makes you feel safe and loved.

Lightening the mood.

Teacher or wine sommelier. I used to have more fanciful thoughts about backup careers like becoming a glass blower or even an architect.

Cycling routes to favourite places.

Mindfulness of the body, awareness based on a consciousness of your axis. If I could show someone how grounding this feels, I would teach them this.