A gal friday of sorts with 20 years of experience in research, writing, marketing, sales, event planning and administration in the fields of commercial art, decor technology and finance. I love to work for myself and thrive in a variety of roles. Work supports my habit of yoga teacher to special communities in Oakland. In my free time I enjoy caring for animals, Giants baseball, pedicures, quality bourbon and being my team MVP at a weekly pub quiz.

Interpersonal communications, multitasking, wordsmithing

Suffer from non-tech brain.

Get up everyday and approach developing your business as a 8 hour work day. If you work, you WILL be successful. Relationships are more important that projects, so leave no stone unturned. Explore ever opportunity to make a connection- you never know what may come up later.

Smooth communication and a sense of humor. I also kill it at Connect Four.

I have many tools in my belt and juggle a variety of professions, but if I needed to go back to a conventional job it would probably be Operations/HR Management, Project Manager, or a high level Executive Assistant.

Details. Pop culture trivia (it is more useful than you might think)

As a yoga teacher it would be how to have a nice stretch and a good breather.

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