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How to be paralyzed by a gigantic question. Thanks for asking.

Keeping my squirrel brain focused on one thing at a time. The world is so full of lovely temptations. What's that over there...

The best advice I've ever received crashed into me in an amazing moment when decades of insufficiency melted away into the startling awareness that because I am loved by God, because I am blessed with talents, skills and experiences, because I am in community with ridiculously wonderful, capable people--I am enough. I got that advice from a teacher who showed me what was possible. I got that advice from a son who believes in me. I got that advice from a husband who wondered why I couldn't see what he could see. Sometimes advice is the aggregate of many, many observations and comments. Sometimes you have to mine the advice like gold from the veins of conversations and comments.

Right now, it is my 15 year old son. He is driving me crazy as he works his way through big issues of justice, theology, politics, equality and his place in the world. I admire him because he's willing to get agitated and confused and upset. I admire him because he's willing to discuss and explore and try on different ideas to see how they fit. I admire him because he's not just willing to grow--he's working on growing.

To ask you that question you didn't know would crack your world wide open.

Sideshow Barker. Imagine--spending the whole day communicating extraordinary opportunities at the top of your lungs and experimenting with ways to persuade hapless members of the public that their lives will be incomplete if they do not witness the spectacle of the two headed alligator.

Sadly, everything. Last week, I broke into to a top decibel performance of "Live is a Cabaret" (See decibel preferences in alternate backup career above) and my husband asked me, "How many times have you seen that show?" Startled, I realized I have never seen the show. If I hear a song, the lyrics are mine forever. Or a tantalizing fact about Winston Churchill. Or the name of the protagonist of the TV show Q.E.D.(look it up). Just don't ask me how to spell...well, most things. And I have trouble attaching the name of a song or the artist to the actual music.

I would teach them to center. We think it is a big deal to meditate and that we have to sit cross legged on a mat on a tropical beach to achieve peace and "do" meditation. Centering is as simple as listening to my breath for about five counts and remembering that everything is startlingly simple and more complex than I can ever imagine.

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