Born in Ohio (Buckeye Alum) // Bloomed in California (Aspired Beach Bum) // Burrowing in Texas (Austin here I come!)

WORK: Marketing (across the board, but specialties include email, blogging, social, events, websites), brand building, storytelling, organizational tactics, professional growth, leadership, cultural shaping and shifting. PLAY: crafting top notch Spotify playlists, putting the pop back in culture, taste testing at Trader Joe's, and running in the great outdoors.

practicing self control around the 3 C's: chocolate, chips, and cheese.

Does a quote count? "Never give up on a dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway." Thanks, Earl Nightingale!

Would you be completely repulsed if I said the Kardashians? Honestly, anyone who has gained success in a completely new way is an inspiration to me. I'm fascinated by go-getters who break the mold. Bonus points if they're making the world better while they're at it (ie: Blake Mycoskie, TOMS, and the One for One movement).

I'd like to think I'm an animal whisperer.

Anything that allows me to write, create, and/or help others, because being Beyonce is already taken.

Birthdays, probably more so than names. (I'm working on it. In my defense, birthdays create cause for celebration, whereas names simply create an email address. Always choose to celebrate.)

Compassion. Can you imagine how many problems would be solved if we each took time to actually learn about each other?

Most likely anything ridiculous/relatable from The Office.

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