I am a multi-disciplinary creative leader utilizing design strategy and creative vision to transform place-based design opportunities into unique signature experiences. My primary focus is on exhibition planning and design with an emphasis on experiential graphic design.

With passionate attention to an organization’s mission, audience, intended project outcomes, and long term goals, I set the creative vision and build the diverse team necessary to deliver the promise of the vision. I find opportunities within each project’s framework to broaden the design platform with a rich mix of environmental graphics, media, objects and hands-on interactives.

I continually challenge the design intent against an organization’s identity to ensure the experience reflects who the client is and who they want to be. My clear and thoughtful project concepts enable clients to meet stakeholder expectations and complete their fundraising goals. I deliver final projects that are innovative and authentic with success that can be measured through visitor attendance, press mentions, awards, and unsolicited 5 star customer feedback.

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