turntablism, muay thai, boxing, fishing, cooking, css, bootstrap, html, outdoors, camping, fire whispering, guns, knives, house cleaning, interior painting, hardwood floors, mens style, mens jewelry, interior decorating, flower arrangements, cowboy boots, persian rugs (kazak, bulushi) ... anything else you want to know just ask.

starting a business, entrepreneurship.

you dont have to have all the answers.. .just know how to find them.

too many to name, many influences to my style and outlook.. i admire anyone who is positive and original in someway of thinking or expressing themselves.

ability to determine someones psychological state / personality by observing their handwriting.

ask me in a few months...

stabs, chirps, flares, drags, tears, crabs, orbits and endless combinations of all of the above

how to hit a speedbag

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