I am a Political Science major and Writing, Rhetoric, and Digital studies minor at the University of Kentucky. I am also an aspiring speechwriter, as well as creative writer. I also have experience in journalistic writing. Words have the power to tear down walls, and build nations, and that's for what I intend to use them.

Politics, government, pop culture, public speaking, communicating with the youths, writing, and drinking coffee.

Finding professional writing opportunities, not spending my paycheck on too much coffee, and making coffee out of a normal coffee pot that's not a Keurig.

"Can't never could." - my 4'7" grandmother

A few of my professional heroes include Sarah Hurwitz, Jon Favreau, and Cody Keenan - all modern speechwriters that began their careers at a young age and have, in fact, brought this nation together with their words by writing for former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama. I love J.K. Rowling with all of starstruck heart. My personal hero is my father, who, like me, has always found it easier to express how he feels through writing.

I once went 35 hours without sleep and I'm looking to break that record.

Government public sector work, obtaining an Master's degree in public policy or public administration. Maybe even the Peace Corps.

To drink coffee in the morning.

I would teach them how to properly use a thesaurus. There are too many beautiful words to use to describe a sunset.

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