I am passionate about elegant interactive products and services, and I believe establishing authentic empathy for the user is key to success when designing a product or service you want people to use, love, and share.

It has been my privilege the last 12 years to help businesses develop and refine their digital customer experiences and strategies. I've worked on the agency-side, the client-side, and managed my consultancy. Because of these diverse experiences I've developed a refined - lean toolset / process to synthesize complex business goals and user needs efficiently and (if I do say so myself) with a certain level of style.

Currently, I’m adding value to companies looking to evolve their offering or validate their ideas before they invest programming dollars. I use an array of software tools to summarize hours of interviews, design user flows, experience maps, personas, interactive wireframes, and summary presentations. I synthesize stakeholder needs and business goals into something visual people can rally around.

I enjoy designing and prototyping elegant interactive solutions to complex business needs, and visual story telling tools are a very important part of my communication strategy.

Executing lean, creative, and successful interactive strategy and on-site business practices for small to medium sized businesses.

Since I'm skilled at rapid prototyping but not great at the visual layer, I work well with interactive graphic artists so there's always a need there. And a javascript wizard. Always need one, always.

This too shall pass

This person rotates on a weekly basis. Pretty much whoever I've read the most insightful editorial about that week. It ranges across the board amongst creative women, men, and political figures.

Making great breakfast and salads

Building custom vintage motorcycles and studio art

Color and texture

I would illustrate the importance of empathy


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