I'm a former Fortune 500 corporate and proposal editor turned Creativity Ninja (i.e., novelist, children's book author, senior copywriter, freelance writer, and so so painter). Since I can remember, I've been a thrill-seeking adventurer and perpetual traveler in mid wanderlust. I'm a long-time athlete and lover of fast cars, rough sports, summer storms, and philosophical conversations.

Writing, which is turns out to be pretty useful in this field. I also have a solid background in marketing, PR, proposals, and grants.

Moving a beach closer to Nashville.

"Don't wish for things to be easier. Wish you were better." It's actually a quote from Jim Rohn, but I like to pretend he said it to me. :)

Richard Branson, for too many reasons to list here.

Ninja. Obviously. :)

The majority of names of people I meet, most of the Spanish vocab I learned in high school (though don't ask me to put it together in a sentence), and random movie quotes.


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