Jay is a fitness enthusiast by dawn, marketer by day and a geek by night. With a background in an agency setting, to summiting Mt. Rainier and kayaking in the Florida Keys, Jay brings a unique perspective to the table. After a year of travel and adventure, he is seeking a fast-paced team that fails fast and is always seeking to innovate. He has a passion for purposeful marketing, travel, technology, and nature.

Adventures that raise your adrenaline and a little bit of every element of digital marketing.

Securing a mentor in digital marketing.

  1. Admit what you do not know. Focus on what you're good at.

Perspective. When everyone is looking at a situation from left to right (as we were taught to see things), I see it inside out.

Mountaineering Guide

The feeling of looking down on a lightning storm from a mountain.

How to tie a climbing knot to prevent your headphones from ever being tangled again.

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