Hello, I'm Jasmine. I'm an Illustrator & Designer who specializes in digital art. During my free time, I enjoy reading, doodling, shopping, writing, and eating good food! I've always had a passion to help, encourage, and inspire other artists to work towards achieving their dreams, so I began teaching online classes with a focus on Digital Illustration and Hand-Lettering. I also enjoy sharing positive affirmations and motivational quotes with my friends and followers.

Things and people I love.

Getting out of my own way. And fearlessly networking.

"Say Thank You"

Beyoncé because she's the most hard working person I know (of). She doesn't just rest on her talents. And she's kind-hearted.

That's my secret. ;)

Interior Photography / Real Estate Photography

My name.

How to properly draw/paint a brush letter with contrasting strokes.


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