Hi, I’m Jared and I’m a photographer, creative director, and avid green-tea drinker who lives just outside of Seattle, WA with my wife Kelly and our two Corgis, Bert and Bodhi. I’m self-taught and began shooting in and around 2014 as a way to balance the crazy advertising and marketing copywriter roles I was in, working with such brands as T-Mobile, Ben Bridge, HP, Hyatt and many others. Ten years later, I decided to move on from copywriting and take a freelance photographer role with Airbnb Plus — soon developing a love for shooting practically every type of photography you can think of.

From fashion photography to editorial, from architectural photography to interiors, there's nothing more exciting to me than to capture a moment in time brought to life through one single photo, (or series of photos). Ones that mean as much to me as they do to you.

The Creative World/Business in General

Finding bigger, higher-paying, more consistent photography clients and jobs.

There are times when we can be blinded by what we want it to be, that whatever reality we perceive it should be, we lose.

Any business owner that knows how to run a debt-free, legal and profitable business. Who treats their people well.

Problem solving.

Don’t have one.

How to write on-brand copy as well as how to take great pictures.

How to get paid to do what you love, without taking on any debt.

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