Originally from the Rio Grande Valley (956 por vida), Hervey moved to Austin to study at the University of Texas. After earning her Bachelor's of Science in Journalism and pursuing a career in freelance writing, Hervey began searching for resources and a space to ask professional questions. She hosted her first #bossbabesATX meet in 2015, hoping to foster community and connection between self-identified women in Austin, Texas. She now runs the nonprofit and its festival, BABES FEST, while managing her own project consultancy, group work.

how to make your audience happy.

business development for nonprofit company structures.

Take the stairs.

Comedienne Jessica Williams. She takes zero bull.

I can type and listen to different conversations without confusing either.

I'm in my backup career! I want to professionally pursue my music, at some point.

My license plate, credit card #s, etc.

How to ascertain a customer's value.

Hm. Selena Gomez shrugging.

Jane hasn't saved anything yet.