I'm an Illustration student but that doesn't mean that I only draw. I'm curious, intrigued and want to explore as many things around me as I can. Trying new things on the chance that you'll love it is one of live's greatest joys. I love drawing and enjoy bringing them to live digitally. Alongside this is a growing passion for the print-room.

In my spare time I Run, Bake, Fell-walk and socialise.

It's a big world and I just want to dive in!

Movie Knowledge I shouldn't. Mainly Sci-Fi and the like.

Mrs Crawford, Year 10- " Live a life of Oh well's, rather than a life of what if's! "

I wish I could teleport. what with holidays costing a bomb I could just shoot off to my haven off choice and be back in time for tea.

I think I'd really love to teach at some point...but only the hard-core bunch, no mid graders. Post 16 ideally.

The first thing that came to mind was the upcoming star wars movie this Christmas. That says a lot about my mind doesn't it!

How to knead bread..perhaps, that takes about that long. I'm sure they would enjoy it so much they would grant me another 5 minutes too.

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