Life adventurer. Exhibits & museum design geek. East Coast meets West Coast lifestyle and craft blogger. Lover of cooking, baking, eating, drinking, gadgets, good design, social media, social responsibility, and people. Reviewer of foods and beverages, products, and random life events.

Crafting and DIY. Designing happy living spaces and powerful museum exhibits. Newly obsessed with making Ikea things work for me. Art. Cooking & baking. Beer. Pop culture. US & European history. 80s music. Problem-solving. The interwebs. Saving money. Event planning & coordination. Flower-arranging.

Polishing my resume. Meeting like-minded folks (I'm a Seattle newbie!). Finding a job. Learning some new computer skills (Photoshop and such).

Learn to say no without following it up with an explanation. And also: Sometimes You Have To Walk Away To Prove You Are Worth More.

People, and women especially, who have taken huge risks to start their own businesses. I am constantly amazed by women who had just an idea or did something for fun, and turned it into something awesome as well as put lots of $$ in the bank!

Being a jerk when appropriate. I'm a really nice person, and sometimes people think that means I don't or can't get mad. But when I need to set something right by being all up in your grill, I will go there and it will be made right!

Being a housewife? I have so many backup careers they each have their own backup careers!

My first date with my husband. My grandmother's funeral. My grandfather's voice. The first time I stuck my foot in the Caribbean. The French national anthem (in French). Learning to swim. How to make a quiche. How to make buttercream frosting (from my own recipe). The cross streets of all my former addresses (as an adult). The very first Broadway show I ever saw. All of the musical numbers from Rent and Chicago. Countless other things I'm sure. My mind is pretty much a steel trap.

I would teach them to look in the mirror and learn how to accept and love themselves for what they see right there. There is no greater power than believing in yourself and that you are capable of anything. From there, everything else flows :)

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