Jacki Carr believes in a World where we all belong and we choose to speak up and offer our unique gifts through vision and goal setting. As a goal coach, speaker and the co-founder of Rock Your Bliss, Jacki provides tangible tools to launch our goals even and especially when we feel scared. A lover of hiking, coffee and books, she lives in the Rocky Mountains in Colorado with her husband, two daughters and two pups very cliche-named Moose and Bear.

Vision Boards. Goal Setting. Core Values. Public Speaking. Thoughtwork. Leadership development in companies. Brand Strategy. Books.

Some times you have to get lost to get found. - Marti Carr

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Brené Brown and Michelle Obama. I admire their voice in standing for what they believe in, their always at the read to learn brain and each of them voicing their love story out loud.

I can eat peanut butter without water.

Karaoke Singer.

I repeat and make eye contact. I write it down.

How to set powerful goals from a vision.

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