Broken home millennial turned veteran, mentor, coach & educator. Specializing in empowering others (youth primarily), community engagement, and destruction-of-destiny diversion.

engaging those who are often forgotten and tossed aside by the world. Listening to others -especially those who are suppressed, oppressed, etc.

Finding the right team around me, to support the endeavors we have built for nearly a decade.

Don't lose that spark, you only get one. Surround yourself with those feeding your heart, other feeding on it. Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

Anybody that has strived beyond their circumstances to build a better life. Not for themselves, but with & for anyone seeking a simple acknowledgement of their humanity.

Reading people & being a "Green Lantern." I use my imagination to create the world I wish to see, protecting and empowering those around me in the midst of it all. I can also take any moment, and turn it into magic, with words, a make shift instrument, or simply hugs.

Work with FIFA building academies in 3rd world countries. Just gotta click send.

Violence in home & the look of my mom's face on the floor. The first time I kicked a round ball. When somebody said "it's okay Jordan, you can do this, I believe in you."

How to see the other side of the coin. Ask them "what keeps you up at night, is regularly played out in your dreams, and what would you change about the world?" Then guide them to different angles & views, in reach of inspiring them to be the change they wish to see.

Anything with a dog and little kid. Think toddler and puppy playing in a pile of leaves (just realized that moment is my fondest memory as a toddler...hmm)

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