I believe in visions, dreams, solid listening leadership, value driven communities, decision making based on facts, the 82 commandments of Alejandro Jorodowaky, the 100% and most importantly the sweet spot where nature and culture merge in perfect balance

Creating change through campaigning and building creative communties

Join the good the good force in what ever way you'd like, we need it more than ever

Luck favors the prepared

All the people around the world upholding societies and all the various functions needed, restlessly working for the greater good. Nurses, policemen, scientists...

I know how to take away the im in impossible

I don't think that way... The two things I always want more of in my life is nature and art. If I would set up new career I would probably look in that direction

Love, the challanges of the world today that I'm working with, yoga

If I had my magic box with me I would read them their fortune

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