After my PhD in Neuroscience in Cambridge University I worked extensively in leading academic labs, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical companies. Driven by passion to help people live healthier I have expanded my field to incorporate not only the science of the brain but also the science of nutrition and microbiome. I have created LiveRight – an initiative to share my knowledge of nutritional science in preventing of neurological disorders and advocating of wellbeing strategy. By building an educational platform about healthy eating habits, by restoring the relationships between people and food, by providing a personalized nutritional support, I want to help many families achieve the optimal balance between health and life. I am especially passionate about helping children with Autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions to maximise their potential in life and prove that Autism is reversible.

Nutrition, Health , Neuroscience, Autism, Cooking

To have a better exposure, spreading the ideas and growing my network

Act before you are ready

I admire many people who are honest, determine, helpful to others and never stop in their personal development and sharing their knowledge with others. For example, Oprah Winfrey.

Wish to help and achieve results


be grateful

how to find a balance in life and be healthy

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