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Being able to collaborate with almost anyone on almost any platform

People dont have a reason for the things they do, but expect you to have a reason for doing things differently... I kinda gave this to myself, but i got the idea from a drunk-chat with a friend

I dont admire people really. I admire the things they do, so its an endless list of musicians,filmakers,designers,animators and inventors

I know some cool magic tricks aaaaaand im mean with the palm-reading game. One I'll meditate long enough to levitate and fly because... being stranded,traffic,people, etc.

Well i do work at a lighting store, but sales suck. Im pretty good with my hands so if my mind dissapoints me i could be a handy-man

Hahah! The alphabet,home, my name

The importance of teaching themselves lol

Uhh dunno coz i like to make gifs so... ja i dunno

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