Hi, I'm Ines – according to a birthday card my name stands for a lively, creative and friendly person. I think my parents made a really wise choice in giving me a suitable name. ;-) My whole life music was absolutely important for me. I played the guitar, recorder and piano and was in a choir. Of course, I wanted to study something I was interested in and something creative, so I went for "Sound Studies" where I got my diploma. Nevertheless, I couldn't imagine myself in this job for my whole life and found something new and exciting ‑ entrepreneurship. Because being an entrepreneur is like being an artist, you have to be creative, create new things in your life and inspire the lives of others. Participating in a social startup was a lot of fun, but again I discovered a new strength of mine ‑ my voice. As everybody told me that I would be a good speaker, I took the leap and became a voice artist, living out my acting talent. This was so much fun, really, but I was missing two things: to do something meaningful and work in a great team. So, once again, I started out on a new path that led me to a job in a social franchise, where I improved my skills as a trainer and coach, and worked with a lot of cool people. That’s something I don't want to miss because I was able to give a lot but gain an equal amount in return. As you can see, I always follow my heart. So, it was inevitable that I finally moved to Innsbruck with my boyfriend. At the moment, I am developing my management skills further and utilizing my coaching skills to be a great customer success manager at the promising startup Gronda. CreativeMornings would also give me the possibility to work on something valuable with a great team. For me it's all about creativity, whose strength and magic I want to pass on.

Start-Ups, Entrepreneurship, Music, Coaching, Training, Speech, Sound engineering, Learning

Motivation/ Routine to do more sports ;)

You have the power over your thoughts and thereby you can change your world.

Beautiful minds, that inspire me, no matter in which way (music, words, authors..).

Maybe just my trust in this world and my positive thoughts. :)

Plan B was my first job after the Plan-A-Job: to be a speaker. :) I just live my plan E job right now!

Happy moments with my family&friends, beautiful melodies and warm conversations!

I could just listen to what he has to say and then I would give an advice from my heart that comes to my mind.

Where do I get these funny GIFs?! ;)

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