Hello there, Andreina here. In a nutshell I am a cuckoo, slightly dark, capricorn, Latina, topped of with a bit of shiny colourful sprinkles. You can imagine me being this black goat with colourful sparkly horns that is stubborn and is determined to only climb bigger mountains because that’s what’s exciting. The messier muddier more hands on climb up the better. The only question here is, what’s the next mountain climb going to be?

Not overworking myself.

I am ever changing.

If I told you I might have to... silence you...

I can only whistle like a bird.

I can do whatever I want wether it be design or being a bartender. I don't need a backup. It simply doesn't exist.

The most random things. Like that one time you said/did that one thing.

How to roll their belly like a belly dancer. Maybe. Or how to always know which side to put gas on every car with out looking back.

B. Andreina hasn't saved anything yet.