I am a Philadelphia-based photographer, blogger, community activist and creator of the #RacismIsASickness anti-racism art installation and community engagement project. I am also host of the #VoicesForRacialHealing radio show on BlogTalkRadio.

As a photographer, I have contributed work to a number of online and print publications, and have shown work in galleries and other community spaces both on the East Coast and in the Midwest.My overall body of work explores identity formation, how memories and values are shaped, and the impact that marginalization of people and ideas has on neighborhoods in transition. It is my goal as an artist and cultural worker to facilitate dialogue and radical action around a range of socioeconomic issues that impact urban communities. I seek to use as many tools at my disposal to challenge and disrupt the status quo. A Chicago native, I am a graduate of Northwestern University and Keller Graduate School of Management of DeVry University.

People. What they want, what they fear, what they need.

Finding a studio space that's affordable, accessible and flexible.

Don't give 100% to everyone. Some people only deserve 75% or less.

I admire people who make their way in the world fully acknowledging that they didn't do it alone.

I give good back massages.

Running a nonprofit organization.

How to brush my teeth?

How to make eggs overeasy.

Too many to pick a favorite.

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