Hussain Van Roos is a Creative Director, Brand Consultant, Social Entrepreneur and a co-founder at ‘Fixin Diaries'.

At Fixin Diaries, they custom make fixie bikes (from scratch), that’s the product offering, the bigger thing is they have literally influenced cycling as a trend over the past 5 years in the mass market, where this did not exist, essentially they are culture influencers, they have worked with brands, on festivals + custom campaigns in building their brand.

On the other hand, he is the current brand ambassador at Ben Sherman (most likely their first brand ambassador in Africa), he has been involved in driving on the ground campaigns, Creative Direction, building brand growth + unique content creation for the brand, he recently launched the ‘I AM Hussain’ campaign, which is a personal storytelling drive on himself, where he comes from, who has influenced him in his life in being a ‘Gentleman’ in collaboration with Ben Sherman + profiling a selected few of other individuals who fit the brand persona + the era of the ‘modern gentleman’.

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