Musician, poet and mentor that does marketing and project management on the side. Often found mentoring and working with at risk young men to help them navigate this world successfully.

both marketing and business strategy development having worked in both large organisations and running my own start-up. I now consult and sometimes speak about my experience in leadership positions as a mentor working with at-risk young people... I have had a strange life so it's easier for you to just ask.

When meeting people, be present, your attitude determines the outcome, lift people up, share laughter and joy.

I can find something to love in everyone and my people orientated nature has meant I have spent time with the Dalai Lama, international musicians and founders of various crime families. Each one welcomed me into their group and we had some fascinating conversations.

Motivational speaker

Beethoven was born on the 16th of December 1770 (baptised on the 17th)

How to speak about their personal story and use it to form meaningful relationships.

Baby Panda's going down a slide.

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